Thanksgiving 2015

To say I was excited for Thanksgiving would've been an understatement. It's my favorite holiday of the year - the one day when all of the cousins on my mom's side get together from across the US! Besides cousins on cousins on cousins, I saw aunts, uncles, and my grandparents. Did I mention there was a turkey bake-off too?

We all converged in my aunt's house in Beaufort, SC on Thursday morning to assist in preparing the food, making appetizers, and prepping the dinner tables. It's one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving because everyone is excited to see each other and we can see the Thanksgiving meal coming together before our eyes. Everyone is full of anticipation (and nothing else, since we skipped breakfast to make room). When everything was done, this was the spread:

We had everything from turkey to broccoli casserole to brussel sprout and squash salad. We had two turkeys, two kinds of homemade macaroni and cheese, and I even made two pecan pies. Both were accidentally burned in the oven - it was my first time baking pies - but they got enthusiastic responses, so I'll take that as a win! There was also sweet potato pie, which I had to get in on.

Thursday afternoon we all got together on the back porch to do our annual sing alongs, which are even more fun now that my cousin's daughters are old enough to get involved, but young enough to dance like monkeys! Since we were all stuffed from dinner, we snacked on leftovers and drank wine for supper.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is like part two for the Lomas clan. My mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins hopped on my uncle's boat to head to Edisto Beach, where we get together at my grandparents' beach house for an oyster roast! Unfortunately for me, I developed an oyster allergy last year *cries hysterically*, so I stuck to freshly caught crab, she crab soup, veggies, and homemade cheddar biscuits... along with brownies and pecan pie. All healthy, all delicious.

Can you tell I'm obsessed with this kid? She's my cousin's oldest and the first great-grandchild of the family, so she was the most photographed family member of the weekend. She insisted on sitting on my lap for the boat ride to Edisto.

We hit the road Saturday morning to come back to Columbia, but it's never easy leaving the coast - especially with views like this. But we had a Carolina/Clemson football game to watch! We lost the game, but I'm SO proud of our boys! Go Gamecocks!


Another thing that made coming home easier was the coolest card I got from my friend May! Lanie and I are trying to plan a trip out to Chicago to visit her, so this card was a bomb little preview. I'm coming for you, May! Can't wait!