Anatomy of the Thanksgiving outfit

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday to dress for. Christmas is a little whimsical, maybe a little more formal, and there's a certain color palette to stick to. Valentine's Day is obvious. So is Halloween.

With Thanksgiving there's  more flexibility. First, you have to read the room. Does your family dress up on Thanksgiving or dress down? Is a sweater and jeans appropriate or do you go with a nice blouse and skirt. My family spends Thanksgiving at the beach, so while we have a more casual day, we also spend time outside, so my outfit needs to be functional (i.e. warm) too. I'm still tessellating between a few outfits, because I tend to dress too formally or too casually - this year I will get the style right! No matter what the mood is, though, the anatomy of any Thanksgiving outfit is the same. Remember these essentials when clawing through your closet tomorrow!

styleEmily Lott3 Comments