Friday notes


First, a MASSIVE thank you for allllll the kind words this week - every message on every platform was so kind, and I can't say thanks enough to this blogging community. I'm beyond happy that the design is exactly what C+T needed and that it's done so we can get to the good stuff I've been missing!

Since it seems like now everyone has their Friday roundups (all of which I love reading, no criticism intended!) I might take Fridays to write down little notes that I've thought about during the week. Feel free to respond in the comments below - or not - your choice!

Friday notes

Can we talk about Adele for a sec? I pre-ordered the album, which came out today, so believe that I'll be jamming allllll weekend long. Just a heads up in case you didn't hear, the album won't be steaming on Spotify or Apple Music! Bummer.

On a related note, Justin Bieber's album. Holy cow. I'm torn between how much I dislike his antics and how much I love his music. One Direction's album came out too, which I'm obsessed with unsurprisingly.

Did you see this from Sarah Tolzmann of Note To Sarah? Baublebar used a quote that she created as a print and branded it for their own on Instagram. It really makes you think about where the line is between what is intellectual/artistic property and what is just "internet." 

My roommate last-minute moved out at the end of October and I've come to realize... I think I like living on my own? Given other experiences with solo living have been miserable, it's been nice to have my small apartment to myself. Not looking forward to the bills though! Trying to decide between having no money but a house to myself or a more relaxed budget but shared quarters.

How festive is too festive before Thanksgiving? I'm not decorating the apartment with straight up Christmas decorations... yet... but I've definitely gotten some strings of fairy lights, a garland, and more than a few ornaments.

I joined Tinder in August after my sister was practically ashamed that I hadn't tried it before. I've gone on a couple of dates, met a few people, but I'm exhausted. Who else thinks Tinder sucks (but can't actually get rid of the app)?

DIGGING on Aziz Ansari's new show, Master of None.

My cousin and her roommates stayed with me last weekend before competing in a Spartan run, which inspired me to get into a better running routine this week. I really want to run the Cooper River Bridge Run in April, so here's to getting in shape during the holidays! #badtiming

Happy weekend!

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