January 2015 highs and lows

This month couldn't have changed any more drastically than it did. It seems like the first four weeks of 2015 passed so quickly, right? Like Christmas was just yesterday and Thanksgiving was only a few weeks ago. Though I've never been one to be dead set on achieving annual resolutions (though I'm trying this year), I think that I used my January time pretty well!

January highs

Working on fun projects with Adorn Media Group
Support from friends and family
My sister leaving for study abroad - so exciting!
Turning acquaintances into friends
Planning fun travels across the Atlantic
New rain boots

January lows

Not knowing how to order at a craft beer bar...oops
Health worries from grandparents
Not much time for reading
My sister leaving for study abroad - miss her already!

I think it's safe to say that January treated me fairly well. I can't wait for February! PS - today is also my half-birthday, so happy half-birthday to me! :)

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