With a big change in my sister's life, there are big changes going on in mine too. I can't give specifics just yet, but they're all good changes, and I like to document when those come around. How is your life lately? Any fun news? I love reading these little life updates from Chelsea, so I thought I'd try it out too. Here's a little peak into my life, currently:

feeling tired, but excited about new changes
liking the sun finally peaking its head out
making lots and lots of excel spreasheets
cooking not much, to be honest. #thanksmom
drinking all the diet coke I can get my hands on
reading too many blogs, not enough books
wanting apartment plans to fall into place
looking for the perfect, nonexistent apartment
playing my January playlist
wasting time online shopping
wishing for my sister to have so. much. fun.
enjoying what little free time I have before February
waiting on March to get here so I can head across the pond

wondering what this year will look like
hoping to visit Charleston soon!
marveling at the universe's timing
needing more time. always.
smelling this candle. so good.
wearing leggings and my favorite college sweatshirt
following so many cool people on Instagram
noticing three weeks of 2015 have already passed. how did that happen?!
knowing that things are looking up
thinking about getting my cartilage pierced again. third time's the charm?
bookmarking magazine pages for my inspiration board
opening up with new friends
giggling at my best friends on snapchat

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