Lo & Sons Claremont bag

Lo & Sons cooper & thames

One of my biggest regrets (seriously) is that I didn't take many pictures with my DSLR when I lived in London. I had five months in one of the coolest, most visually appealing cities in the world and I barely have anything to show other than poorly lit iPhone photos. The worst part? I didn't take photos for the dumbest reason! I had my camera, but didn't have a good camera bag so it stayed in my flat. Queue forehead slap.

After buying my ticket for my London trip in March I started keeping notes in my head of all the places I wanted to take pictures of, but ran into the same problem. Enter: Lo & Sons! The brand had a major sale before the end of the year, and I scooped up the Claremont bag, which is perfect for traveling with a camera! It's not too small, but big enough to hold a DSLR, an extra lens, memory cards, and my iPhone.

Lo & Sons cooper & thames2

It has inside padding that you can move around depending on what you're carrying - super helpful for traveling. You would never even guess it's a camera bag, right? Definitely an improvement from my dad's utility-only beat up hand-me-down I had been using!

Lo & Sons cooper & thames3

PS - this post isn't sponsored in any way, I'm just obsessed with this bag. I would completely welcome a sponsorship. Hit me up.
PSS - don't worry, that extra lens has a cap! No lens damage here :)