Best infused water ever

I had a moment this weekend. One of those moments when I saw a recipe on Pinterest and said to myself "I have to do this now!" because it seemed that easy. 

I'd never tried making infused water before, for a few reasons. Number one, I though tit was actually just putting fruit in water and then drinking it. No sir, it is not. Number two, I was perfectly content with my daily Diet Coke and water breaks without any additional effort. Now after I've tried strawberry, lemon, and mint infused water, I can only be remiss about how many years of proper hydration I could have actually had. If you hate drinking water on a regular basis as much as I do, I promise, this will get you on the hydration train!

Ready for the easiest recipe you'll ever see?

Strawberry, lemon, and mint infused water

6 - 8 strawberries
1 lemon, cut into slices
1 handful of fresh mint leaves, scrunched


  1. Hull and cut strawberries into fourths
  2. Cut lemon into slices
  3. Take a handful of fresh mint leaves (I bought mine from Trader Joe's) and scrunch them up
  4. Fill the pitcher with a a 3 inch layer of ice. Toss half of strawberries, lemon slices, and mint leaves on top of ice layer. Repeat until you're done with the fruit and leaves.
  5. Fill the pitcher with water and leave in the refrigerator for about an hour so that the flavors can infuse.
  6. Drink and feel amazing!

See? I told you it was super easy! The drink is so refreshing because of the mint, and I'm sure if you used sparkling water it would taste exactly like a soda! It also doesn't hurt that the fruit makes it look so fresh and delicious. I got so many compliments on it this weekend!

Have y'all made infused water before? I can't wait to try out these recipes!

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