September Goals


I'm proud of myself for actually doing fairly well on my goals during August! Though I finished up recording my weekly schedule this week, I did everything on my list, including organizing my makeup collection, which was relatively pain-free thanks to this affordable flatware makeup organizer from Target.

Record my schedule for one week using an hourly calendar, then identify my "goof off" times
Clean/organize everything I brought to my parents' house and find places for them
Re-decorate my new bedroom and re-hang my art gallery wall! Read one book
Schedule an apple picking road trip with one of my best friends
Go through my makeup collection - toss and organize

As for September?

Make some important financial planning decisions for my freelance marketing gigs
Repaint the front door and add new hardware
Organize an efficient workspace in the extra bedroom
Get back into running three to four times per week
Read By Invitation Only, by the creators of Gilt
Keep a grateful journal and write entries every night

Emily LottComment