How to look like you have your life together

Reminder: these tips do not actually mean that you have your life together. Simply put, these should help to make it look like you have it together in front of your friends, family, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, randos on the street, etc. I can't guarantee any more - that one's on you.

Of course, I'm not saying that these tips have to be followed all day, every day. I break these rules all the time, but whip these out every time you need to impress. Ready?

Wear button down shirts

This is actually something that you should do regardless, but button down shirts send the message that you are a professional woman. You rent or own your own house/apartment. You know how to make your own brunch, and you've hosted a house warming party before. You are organized AF and cannot be stopped.

Know your order at Starbucks (even better if it's a complicated order)

Probs best to stay away from any kind of frappuccino. They tend to send high school vibes, and we don't want to send out high school vibes. #grownasswoman

Know your order at any coffee shop that isn't Starbucks

The first time I ordered a macchiato at a coffee shop (that wasn't Starbucks) was while I lived in London. When the barista handed me a cup the size of my thumb I was surprised, and she could totally tell. Note: the macchiatos at Starbucks are not actually macchiatos. Come prepared, and you will come off like a regular master coffee connoisseur.

Tweet with professional hashtags

Using hashtags along the lines of #business, #leadership, #success, and/or #fitness will show that you're on top of your game and you know how to use Twitter for your career. Even add in a stocks tweet with the $ tag instead of a hashtag. Look at you, social media maven.

Wear coats, not sweatshirts.

Let's be honest. Patagonias feel amazing and make you feel like a polar bear. I get it. I am in the club. But going from South Carolina, where Patagonia popovers will do fine for the two weeks of winter, to London, where fashion and winter are daily issues from November to March, I felt like a little kid next to these city ladies. They knew where to buy their coats and rock them, along with their manicured nails and business totes. Step one: buy a coat. Preferably any of these. Step two: look amazing. Done.

Know your wine or drink of choice

This one will benefit you and everyone you go out with. Visit a winery or vineyard and shell out $10 for a tasting! After that you'll have something specific to tell the waiter instead of "I think I'll have that red wine...I can't pronounce it."

Own a pair of neutral heels

Easy, breezy, probably uncomfortable.

Know your power anthem

Wake up in the morning and blast it. Mornings are never fun, but they're a whole lot better when you wake up to your jam song. Mine at the moment is Diana by One Direction, which is ironic, I know. Nonetheless, I wake up ready to start the day.


What about you? Any tips on seeming way more on top of it than you may actually be? Coming from a 22 year old, I know I'm not a know-all expert just yet!

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