Fall fashion staples

South Carolina, HOW I love and hate you. We had a great week in Charleston: lots of cool breezes, a few summer showers left, and temps in the mid-60's. But your weather jumped right back to miserably hot late-summer the minute I got back to the capitol. What gives?

Oh right. Pre-fall. Both my favorite and least favorite time of year. One minute it's beautiful, the leaves are tinting gold, and the breeze is cool. The next, it's back to summer. Come on, don't do me like this!

I can't wear the thick layers I want to just yet, but I can start inching closer. Even on my trip to Charleston I picked up a few autumn goodies! Some of my favorite staples? Shop them below! I'm all about those Old Navy loafers and the Madewell plaid button down (hint: it runs large, so size down). And you can't go wrong with a pair of classic duck boots!

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