Sugar Bakeshop | Charleston, SC

Hello from Charleston! I've only been in the city a little over a day, but what I have seen...has been covered in rain. I didn't choose a great week to come down to the coast, since it looks like the rain is here to stay, but Charleston is Charleston and I couldn't say no!

Though it's been fairly miserable, I got to do a couple of fun things already, like visit Sugar Bakeshop, a bananas good Charleston secret. The shop is downtown, but not right on King Street, so there aren't tourists crawling around its sidewalks. I'd heard of Sugar before and wanted to see what the chatter was about. The second I saw it, I knew I would be a fan!

Sugar is surprisingly tiny, not even a place to sit and eat, but on days unlike yesterday (sunny, bright, generally pleasant) I could totally picture grabbing an iced coffee and a cupcake and plopping down on one of the benches outside. Maybe I'd also pick up a dog treat too (pictured above) for my own pooch!

The shop has the classics that all bakeries should have - cookies, tarts, and cupcakes - but it also has tea, hot and iced coffee, ice cream, popsicles, and more! I had a hard time choosing what to pick up, but I decided on a coconut cupcake for myself, two lemon blueberry tarts, and an apple tart for the friends I'm staying with. How cute is the box they came in?


If you're looking for an excellent dessert in Charleston, don't miss out on Sugar! I heard profusely excellent reviews on the tarts, and I didn't want to finish my cupcake. It was that good! I'm already planning to pick up some for family on my next trip to Charleston.

Have any of you Charleston natives been to Sugar? Somehow desserts are so much better baked fresh as opposed to bought from a grocery store! :)