7 Instagram accounts you need to follow now


Since I started actually using Instagram (i.e. sometime late last year) it's become one of my favorite social media platforms, alongside Twitter. Personally, I don't follow many people who post tons of selfies, so my feed is filled with bloggers, photographers, and magazine editors who create content that is visually appealing and just overall awesome. My sister even makes fun of me for how little I (or people in general) actually show up on my Instagram feed. I can't help it if I love checking out amazing tiles or bouquets, and travel photos!

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite Instagrammers:

1 Lucy Laucht // A social media manager for J. Crew, this girl not only has my dream job, but also has a gorgeous Instagram feed. She travels all over - from Montauk, to her native Australia, London, and even Peru! 

2 Brooke Kiernan // I'm only a car ride away from Charleston, but I get my Charleston fix every day through bloggers and Instagrammers like Brooke. Her photos show the little parts of the Holy City that southern natives like myself might not notice!

3 Lauren Knight // I found Lauren's blog while studying abroad in London, and I don't quite understand how this girl does it. On top of being a super cool mom, she also lives in London, travels like a maniac, and gives the best restaurant, travel, and style advice. She's also a fellow southerner in London, which definitely doesn't hurt :)

4 I Have This Thing With Floors // This Insta account is basically an aggregator of all those gorgeous shoe + tile combo photos that have taken over Instagram. #lifegoal - get on that feed.

5 Amy Stone // Every time I instagram a photo, I run it by my Amy Stone test: WASP (would Amy Stone post?). If I would like to see the photo on her feed, I post it. Amy is a CFDA award winning Instagrammer - yes, you read that correctly - and manages digital and social media for Gap Kids. Talk about #womancrush!

6 Katie Armour // Katie is the blogger behind The Neo-Traditionalist and also one of the founders of Matchbook Magazine, one of my favorite online reads. She travels, lives in NYC, and has a killer eye for photography. She's recently been on a trip to London, so my eyes are glued to her Insta!

7 Lara Casey // One of the things I'm most grateful for in my life is that I got the opportunity to work with Lara Casey and the rest of the ladies from Southern Weddings Magazine. I got to see how real women work, deal with struggles, and ultimately find themselves stronger and proud of what they've accomplished. Lara is not only a personal role model, but her Instagram is like a little daily cheerleader or pick me up, right when I need it. Seriously - follow now!

Who are some Instagrammers y'all love? I always have room in my feed for more!