Richmond recap

It's amazing how great a weekend can be when it's spent in a cool city with close friends. Richmond, you've won my heart.

I arrived in Richmond late Thursday night and spent the whole of Friday running around town, trying to soak up as much as possible with my tour guide (and oldest friend), Savannah. First stop? Carrytown, where we gorged ourselves with brunch at Weezie's, rummaged through antique shops, and discovered my now favorite interiors store ever, Ruth & Ollie. I could set up camp now...


I already visited Richmond earlier this year, but at the time my friend still attended UofR, so I mostly saw just the campus. The trip also lasted for a grand total of a day and a half, so I didn't even come close to experiencing the great parts of the city! Thanks to Savannah, I learned that The Fan is clearly the place to be around RVA. We walked around the neighborhood, squealed at each house with newly strung Christmas decorations, and she explained the area's neat intricacies. Friday night we went to  "The Illumination" as she called it, which is when lights all around downtown, are lit, and the holiday celebrations begin! We also celebrated her birthday, a first in over four years for us, since we went to different colleges! Unfortunately Saturday was dreary and I didn't see much other than the couch, but I did get to experience Shyndigz, the best dessert restaurant in Richmond! If you ever get the chance to go, I'd recommend the chocolate and caramel cake. I couldn't finish the whole thing even two days later, but it was incredible!


One great thing about old friends? They know every weird detail about you. Personally, I love visiting cemeteries (although I can't stand scary movies). For Sunday Savannah and I took advantage of the sunshine that had been absent on Saturday and spent several hours wondering Hollywood Cemetery, which has over 600+ acres of land! Fun fact: over 60,000 graves are in Hollywood Cemetery, including 18,000 Confederate soldiers from the Civil War, presidents James Monroe and John Tyler, and the only Confederate president, Jefferson Davis. We tried, but we would never have been able to see it all!

And now I'm back in Columbia, South Carolina, wishing I were still in Richmond. Maybe I'll be back before long *crosses fingers*. Have you been to Richmond?

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