Makeup bravery


I used to think that when it came to lipsticks, coral was my color. The reason wasn't because I thought it actually looks good on me, but more because I thought the color was pretty, and it tends to look good on every other beauty blogger/vlogger, and I assume it's a relatively safe bet. Actually, I still don't know for sure whether my five coral lipsticks and lip glosses actually work for me. I kind of swipe it on when I'm feeling daring (at night, of course, when the light is much more forgiving) and hope for the best.

I would be embarrassed to say how many hours of YouTube makeup tutorials I've watched in the past year, or even the past month. I love Zoella, surprise, surprise, but I never take her makeup advice, partly out of laziness, but also out of fear. What if I do this wrong? They don't have freckles, so I don't think that would work for me. What if I have that foundation line from hell on my jawline?!

I don't know what it was, but 2015 started a bit of a makeup awakening in me. I've started using the brushes that have been nestled in my Pinterest-esque glass jar full of coffee beans for years. I bought more than one shade of lipstick - I even bought a berry color, which I guess I should wear before spring comes around. I want to look cool when I wear it, though, like Alexa Chung - almost as if I accidentally put on this lipstick after throwing on my chambray top, ripped jeans, and suede booties. You know. Coincidentally cool.

Any tips on makeup bravery? Is that a thing?

Lipsticks, clockwise from left: Kate Moss for Maybelline 01 // Kate Moss for Maybelline 113 // Revlon Colorburst 010 // Revlon ColorStay 060 // Revlon 405 //  Maybelline Color Whisper 35

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