DIY hot chocolate ornament presents

Happy Christmas Eve, y'all!

Am I the only one who feels a little bit sad that Christmas is almost here? Every year I try to savor the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which was especially easy this year since I didn't have finals to worry over. It seems like the past month flew by anyway!

For the most part I like not having any plans around Christmas. The next few days will be about nothing but reading, Tumblr, and spending time with family. I can't wait to see my family's faces when they open their presents too!

DIY hot chocolate ornament presents

If you're like me and waited until the last minute to make little presents for friends, as stocking stuffers, or little treats, I have the perfect fix! I made these hot chocolate ornament presents for my friends since my budget is going toward my London trip, and they were beyond easy! I may or may not have made one for myself too. :)

Here's the deal. You'll need:

  • plastic ornaments with removable tops (I got mine from Michael's for 99 cents each - word of advice: look into getting thin, spherical ornaments instead of fully round ornaments. Mine are fine, but it doesn't look like much hot cocoa mix is in because the ornament is so large)
  • hot chocolate or cocoa mix - I used this mint hot chocolate mix from Target!
  • whatever sweets you want on top! I included marshmallows, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a variety of different sprinkles

Before putting anything in the ornaments, make sure to wash them out. Once they've dried, put the hot chocolate mix into the ornament first. It was so messy and annoying to pour the mixes in until I found a funnel, which saved my life. If you have one - use it!

Next, funnel in the second smallest ingredient - probably the sprinkles. (note: if you put in bigger sweets under small sweets, the smaller sweets will pour straight through and the layers won't appear as well) Keep putting in ingredients, layer by layer, until you're done!

Make sure to keep the ornament straight so the layers will stay pretty. I messed up one or two my leaning them, so this is important! Luckily they will all taste the same in the end, so even if you do mess up, no big deal!

What is your go-to last minute gift? Alcohol/wine is so easy, but it was fun to make personalized gifts this year too!

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