London calling

I've been waiting over a year and a half to write this post, and I'm so excited to share...

I'm returning to London!

Though I've wanted to go back to the UK since I flew back to the States in May 2013, I hadn't actually started working towards heading back east until earlier this year when I decided to go for it. And. I. Am. SO. STOKED. I'll visit my friend Eveie in Leeds for a few days and then travel south to the city where I'll spend a week! I've already penned a massive to-do list, which is steadily growing longer, so I'm not sure how I'll fit everything into just a week, but I'll try my hardest! My sister will be studying abroad in Rome next semester so cross your fingers that she'll be able to skip over to England and traverse London with me.

So this is a warning now: get ready for London posts out the wazoo, because it is all I'm thinking about. I've been able to visit a few places in the US this year, but I've been going a bit stir crazy to hop across the pond again. The countdown until March 2015 is on!