10 things I hope I can do by 25

In life I know there are things that come easy to certain people, but come harder to others. For instance, I know that I am a grade A organizer. Give me a messy desk and I can organize the hell out of it (and enjoy myself too). My sister on the other hand? Not so much.

I'm pretty confident in my organizing, general cleanliness, and scheduling abilities, but I have troubles with other things that I really should be able to manage. As an "adult" (ha!) I feel like I should  master at least a handful of essential responsibilities. I'm not quite there yet, but I've come up with a list of things I should be able to do by the time I'm 25. With a safe 3 years until then, maybe I'm safe for now. By 25 I hope I can...

  1. Mend a torn seam in my jeans. Yes, my mom still does this for me. Thanks, Mom :)
  2. Make myself a cup of tea. Or at least learn how to make it so that it's somewhere between tepid and scalding hot.
  3. Be more fearless in the kitchen. Why not stray from the recipe if I think it will taste better? Recipes aren't ironclad!
  4. French braid my own hair. Still have Mama do it. Have I mentioned she's fantastic?
  5. Call in an order for pizza and not be painfully awkward. Because talking to strangers on the phone is the worst.
  6. Do my own taxes. Figuring out freelance and small business taxes are HARD, y'all.
  7. Pair the right wine with the right cheese, fruit, dessert, meats, etc.
  8. Eat a sandwich without picking the tomatoes off. I mean really. Be a man about it, Emily. You look five.
  9. Pop a bottle of champagne the right way. Because there is definitely a wrong (/dangerous/fun) way.
  10. Walk in heels without the little voice in my head telling me I'll fall. So far, I've done well in wedge heels. Baby steps?

Yes, these are my essentials. What do you want to learn how to do?

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