My travel hack list

Since I'm flying to Chicago this week, I've been looking up the best travel advice I can find. It will be at least 20 degrees colder in the Windy City than it's been in the south, so in addition to packing light (ha!) I also have to consider much cooler temps. Has anyone else been in this situation lately? I'm one part definitely overwhelmed, two parts excited! I'm ready to be on the road though - challenge accepted!

I spent all my free time last week, or what remained of it, scouring the interwebs for travel tips and hacks to make my somewhat daunting situation a lot easier. Luckily, I'm only going for three days, so I don't have to cram dozens of outfits into a suitcase. Though I tend to overpack, I'm hoping that not checking a bag will force me into realistic packing. Since I found a lot of helpful lists, I wanted to share them with you! Maybe you'll be able to find some help for your holiday travels.

Welcome to my ultimate travel hack list!

What to pack in your carry-on: Hallie must be a travel genius, because these are perfect tips for my trip! Note: free printables!

Packing tips: Carly's general packing how-to is super helpful, considering when it comes down to the wire, I usually forget the most basic necessities (hello, you need a phone charger)!

Packing with little ones: I'm not traveling with children or babies, but God bless the women and men that do. I couldn't imagine how much more daunting that would be!

9 weekend trip packing essentials: On short trips I always overthink and overpack for any type of situation I may be in. This list helps narrow down the essentials.

25 mind-blowing travel hacks: when in doubt, search for it on Buzzfeed.

20 space-saving hacks for your suitcase: Cosmo, you tricky, minx, you did me proud with these tips! Pill cases for jewelry storage? So smart!

What are packing tips that you swear by?

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