Friday thankfuls

Sometimes I use this blog as a note to self of sorts. A place to reflect on life and on who I am (or was) and write things I need to write and hear. This time, I'm using it as a reminder.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I get to see family, go to the beach, eat yummy food, wear warm sweaters, and prepare for Christmas. The weather gets colder, which couldn't be any more welcome, especially in South Carolina. Mostly, though, I love this time of year because it makes me step back and look at little instances in life that I tend to look over. One of my favorite things to do is make a Happy List - a list of things that make me so happy and thankful. Generally I keep them in a spiral notebook next to my bed, but I thought I'd share some here.

Ready? I'm thankful for...

  1. My mama. I actually wrote a blog post about her on Mamages - go check it out!  Baby photos of me and vintage photos of my pretty mama may or may not be included.
  2. The fact that my dog sleeps so soundly that he snores...LOUD.
  3. An infinity scarf (this one!) that can turn into a blanket at a moment's notice.
  4. Homemade she crab soup.
  5. An unexpected win for Gamecock football.
  6. Notes of love and support from family and friends.
  7. Cheap travel - Megabus, I'm looking at you.
  8. Yummy smelling lotion for my dry skin.
  9. The best socks for boots.
  10. All of the Christmas movies.
  11. A cat that loves to cuddle and purr in my arms.
  12. Snapchat, so that I can stay in contact with friends an ocean away.
  13. Buzzfeed.
  14. One Direction.
  15. Stocking up on Christmas ornaments weeks before getting a tree.
  16. The first night after putting flannel sheets on the bed.

What is on your Happy List?

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