Chicago recap

I completely radio silenced this blog while I traveled, but now I'm back in South Carolina after a cold few days in Chicago! And I don't mean that as in a southerner's type of cold. The warmest it got in the Windy City was 34º. The warmest. I think you get the picture.

I had so much fun visiting with my cousins, exploring their neighborhood and The Loop, viewing the David Bowie exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum, and more! I flew up Tuesday morning, and spent the day exploring with my cousin's wife. The day started out with a bang - literally - when a girl ran into our bumper! After exploring for the afternoon, that night we went to an Irish pub for dinner where people attending a spoken word convention had a pre-convention performance. It was amazing! I'm awful at telling stories, so to hear masters was such a treat.

Wednesday night we had a night in and ordered a deep dish pizza - my first! - and watched Begin Again. I liked the movie just fine, but the soundtrack is what drew me in! Thursday I took the morning to wander around the Lakeview/Wrigleyville area since it was within walking distance. I'd never realized how homey Chicago can be! Apparently I brought in the cold front, though, so after a few blocks my hands were red and hurting (note to self: never forego gloves), and I decided to cut the stroll a bit short.

Now being back home, South Carolina feels so warm, even though the temps are cold for this time of year! Maybe that's what the north is supposed to do. You get snowy Christmases, but it definitely makes you appreciate putting on jeans without having to put on leggings first!

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