Etsy favorites

Etsy is one of my favorite shopping websites, and with good reason - have you seen how much is on Etsy?! I love perusing. During college I would flick through page after page during classes, picturing future gallery walls. Now I check out furniture, camera bags, and ink pen prints. I can't get enough!

Since Christmas is coming up (yes - I'm one of those people who obsesses during October - #sorrynotsorry) I keep finding perfect gifts...for myself. My dad insists that I send him a Christmas list every year! What can I say? I'm an excellent researcher!

stackable rings / sequin initial / leather camera bag
geode druzy pendant / ink print
map watch / gold foil print /

Do you have any coveted Etsy purchases or shops? I don't think I'll ever run out of wishlist items!

Emily Lott2 Comments