A tale of two shoes

I shouldn't, but I judge H&M. I should know better since I bought my (formerly) favorite pair of shoes from H&M while in London, but I clump them in the same category as Primark and Forever 21 - trendy and relatively poorly made. I haven't had great experiences with their clothes, and I'm not a trendy person anyway, which seems to be the store's bread and butter. Those favorite shoes I loved? The first pair fell apart after a month, the second pair after 4 months.


My mind has been forever changed. To avoid spending a pretty penny on trendy shoes, I bought H&M's snakeskin-esque slip on sneakers Γ  la the Joie originals just a few weeks ago on a Charleston trip with Lanie in tow. Actually, I have her to thank for the shoes, since she was the one who picked them out first. We both picked up a pair (#twinning) and walked out happy. It wasn't until I slipped on my babes at home that I realized H&M's genius. These shoes are unmatchable.

Best $25 ever spent. Ever.

Go get some here. Now. You're welcome.

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