Happy Friday! It seems like this week has been so short, though that may be due to constant travels. Last week I spent a long weekend at the beach with family. Now? I'm back at the beach! The lucky thing about working in marketing and social media is the ability to work almost anywhere, so back I came to enjoy times with friends, namely Lanie, who is making the drive from Orlando to Charleston! I'm expecting lots of exploring, smoothies, and #doitforthegram statuses.

gold lip mug / 31 perfume / nail polish

Despite my somewhat irregular work week, I've had a few personal ups and downs, which has necessitated the reminder in this post. No matter what, even in confusing or frustrating situations, there is always good in something. This week it has been catching up with friends, nice nail polish, and perfume. I can't wait to see what will make this weekend great too!

What about you? I hope you have a fantastic weekend (full of whatever you need) ahead of you!

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