In progress, as usual...


Quick Bits

She has been called stubborn in the past. Also picky. She doesn't think those are necessarily bad things. Sometimes.

She desperately tries to be a morning person.
She loves trying beauty products, but tends to stick to her favorites.

If you asked for her favorite flower, she couldn't tell you - there are way too many.


Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.

The travel bug is her constant companion. Next destinations: Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and Nashville.
She cries at Christmas commercials - especially this one and these.

She's learning to love her freckles.

She jumped on the avocado and kale and acai bowl trains and will not apologize.

She's equally as happy spending the afternoon fishing in a creek or having a spa day at home.
She leans "too casual."

Give her a bluegrass cover of an early-2000s hip hop song and she'll aggressively sing along.

College football is her favorite, but something about Wimbledon whites make her swoon.

The size of her nail polish collection is out of hand.

Her home never has enough coffee table books.

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