Europe in spring
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Checking in! I'm alive and jet lagged and in a post-vacation daze. But I will post about my trip highlights in all cities visited (Manchester, London, Paris, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Würzburg, etc) within the next few weeks when the energy returns to my body.

If you'd like more pictures, faster, I will be sharing a boat load ^^


I can't quite remember how I found MÛR, I'm sure through Instagram somehow, but it's one of those stores that at all times I have at least five items in my checkout cart. MÛR is a home and lifestyle shop based in Canada and goes by the motto timeless goods for simple living. Doesn't that resonate with you? It kind of reminds me of Cuyana's saying - fewer, better things.

Though I've made an effort to cut way down on unnecessary spending MÛR is practically bookmarked to my browser. I love how curated their product line is, but everything available is both accessible and meant to be used - as in, I won't feel bad if it gets a mark. Or a scratch. Or a knick or a stain. I don't want anything too precious in my house, but their products, especially the brushes and shears and baskets, are both beautiful and utilitarian.

Also if you sign up for their emails you can receive $10 off of your first order. So there's that too!

just beachy

On a completely separate note from packing for Europe in a few weeks, although February/March seem entirely too early to shop for bathing suits, I took a look at Aerie swimsuits recently. While I haven't shopped at American Eagle since high school (2010 - eek!), a friend recently bought a few of their suits that were, to my surprise, 1) super cute, and 2) on mega sale.

I live for everything Marysia, but I rarely go to the pool or ocean, so I can't bring myself to drop $200+ on a bathing suit. Besides Aerie's body positive messages, I love their collection of one pieces! Sure, some of them have writing and come in neon colors, clearly targeting people who are a solid ten years younger than me, but the rest, like this slightly scandalous navy piece and rusty red halter are way more my taste.

With a week-long trip to Edisto this summer (I haven't visited for longer than two days in a row in three years!), I'm so excited to put on a suit, plop into a beach chair, and enjoy some vitamin D. And a one piece means I don't have to feel self conscious while drinking a beer and snacking in the sand. :)

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