The past week has been rough - our family dog, my friend of 14 years, died on Thursday. His health hadn't been great for months, but when the day came we all took it hard. I'm lucky to have never experienced a close loss in my life before now, so I've tried to look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow and remember great memories with a sweet, sweet pup.

The hard part about a loss, at least from what I've experienced this week, is keeping the in between moments from being sad. The moments between crying and focusing on doing anything (making lunch, work, showering, etc), so making this post has been a great distraction. My mom and I both agreed that the nice weather recently - the sunshine, warm breeze, blooming flowers - has helped us get out of the house and think about spring coming. With that in mind, I put together this collage, full of light wash denim, pinks, and natural textures. All light and uplifting for a good season to hopefully come.

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Checking in

Hi there! You might notice this blog has gotten a bit of a facelift - and by that I mean it's gotten a lot simpler. I still have some design changes to make (which is what you get when you start tinkering at 9 pm on a Monday), but it feels like I can breathe here again. I loved the old design, but I wasn't putting out enough content to keep it up.

For now, a personal update post. And also - happy Valentine's Day! My Valentine and I (namely) will snuggle up on the couch tonight watching whatever rom com catches my eye on Netflix and I'll nom on conversation hearts and sip my favorite TJ's red blend.

Lately, I've been...

eating: All the dark chocolate.

creating: Better habits. I was late to the party, but Marie Kondo has taken over my brain. I've found myself walking around the apartment asking "but does this bring me joy???"

reading: Too much news, not enough books and novels. After finishing The Crown on Netflix I'm kind of interested in a historical biography - maybe Elizabeth? Or Marie Antoinette?

shopping: Less - which is much needed after the holidays. Now spending my money on tickets for excursions abroad :)

adding: FINALLY a new tv stand - I've desperately searched for one since I moved in November. Shopping hiatus is going well, except for this. It was on sale!

making plans for: London. Paris. Germany!

drooling over: Fern Studio, which I recently discovered is super close to my apartment! Wishing they would open a retail space, because I'd straight up move in.

listening to: Ashley's fall 2016 playlist. My friends make fun of me because I find out about cool music a few months late, so this is extra appropriate.

laughing at: How much I relate to this (and pretty much everything else on that account)!

loving on: My bffs! It's Valentine's Day, after all.

jealous of: This natural light. My apartment's great, but no floor to ceiling windows. #wompwomp

finding: Financial responsibility is HARD. And cooking is HARD. Someone help me adult.

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Oriental kitchen rugs

Moving last November has been a test of patience for me, even three months in. My landlord has been so great - letting me paint, install new light fixtures, and install a gate in the backyard for Mo, so the biggest struggle has been with my own budget and patience. Since my new space is much differently laid out and bigger than my old apartment, it's taken time to figure out where my existing furniture goes, find out where I need new pieces, and declutter and let go of items I don't need anymore. It's been a process.

Lucky for me, my neighborhood has a few Facebook for sale pages, so I've been able to purge several pieces of furniture pretty quickly - a floor lamp, my dining chairs, some trays and decorative pieces I realized I didn't use anymore. I've even bought a couple of new things, including a vintage green velvet chair for $50! For the past three months I've been using my coffee table as a tv stand, so after my Ikea trip last weekend for this tv unit (!!!), my next focus is the kitchen. 

Since buying my first oriental rug for my living room in November (see here) I've been scoping out several eBay shops for one to add to my kitchen, and now with more intention. My kitchen is sooo much bigger than the one in my previous house - I actually have counter space! I have room for a pretty decently sized rug - maybe 4x6 or 5x8? Bad for my budget, great for my pool of options!

My mom thinks I'm crazy because she's practical and predicts food getting everywhere, but I'm an idealist damnit! I want my oriental kitchen rug and I want it worn, with character, and impractical - just the way it should be.